Filtering Rationale

Web Gateway and UTM use multiple technologies to categorise websites and emails, including, but not limited to, our proprietary real time content analysis engine and a large database of web addresses. A selection of predefined categories are included, which receive hourly automated updates. Our customers are in complete control of their filters and are able to modify the predefined categories or create new custom categories from scratch.

Customers can choose which categories of website are blocked, how sensitive the filters should be, whether to disable the web access for repeat offenders, if Safe Search should be enforced on common search engines and a wide array of other options. These settings can be applied globally, to specific networks or locations, user groups, workstations / devices, individual users, or any combination of the above through our unique Virtual Groups system.

Rather than relying exclusively on a database of known websites, our proprietary content analysis engine provides protection even for dynamic sites and social media - vital to safeguarding on the modern web.

Active HTTPS interception provides protection even for encrypted websites, and the "zero configuration" passive HTTPS inspection mode offers a reduced level of filtering and auditing for situations where active interception is not appropriate.

Our predefined categories are designed to be used with their sensitivity level set to 5 out of 10, but customers can adjust the sensitivity to fit their needs. We are open to feedback from customers, and in cases where websites are miscategorised by the predefined categories we endeavour to update the categorisation criteria as quickly as possible.