Web Proxy & Filter

Opendium Web Gateway and UTM allows you to control and audit your users' access to the world wide web. This is done by passing all web traffic through a proxy server, which analyses each web request in a variety of ways to heuristically categorise it. In addition to analysing unencrypted traffic, the system will decrypt, analyse and filter encrypted HTTPS traffic in real time. The traffic can be restricted based on the categorisation that the system has determined for each web request.

There are two proxying mechanisms provided: The first is a traditional authenticated web proxy server which can handle HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Gopher traffic, and this requires the devices on your network to be configured to use it. A transparent proxy server is also provided which intercepts HTTP and HTTPS traffic without requiring any devices to be configured. The preferred mechanism is the traditional proxy server, but many devices and software are not able to use this, so they fall back to using the transparent proxy.