Oracle Dyn outage

A number of large internet services use Oracle's Dyn service to host their domain's DNS.  This service has had an outage overnight (27 May 2022).  This problem was caused by a DNS misconfiguration and, although the underlying problem has now been resolved, it will take some time for the broken DNS records to be cleared from DNS caches around the world.

Bundled Filtering and Connectivity

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The Birmingham Grid for Learning, Rotherham Schools Connect, Worcestershire County Council and Essex County Council have all announced that they will no longer be providing internet connectivity and filtering to schools after the end of March 2020.  These announcements prompted us to consider how we can best support those schools who are now looking for a replacement service.

Changes to Web Proxy Overrides

We have recently rolled out some updates to our default web proxy overrides, which are explained in this blog article.


Both Web Gateway and UTM provide the same overrides system under the Web Proxy -> Filter Override Editor and Web Proxy -> Filter Overrides & Walled Garden pages.  The overrides allow parts of the system's functionality to be disabled for requests to certain types of content.  Overrides are usually used for the following purposes: