Network consultancy

Opendium has a wealth of networking experience, allowing us to provide network infrastructure design and debugging consultancy services. Whether you are a small organisation that needs a simple but secure local area network, or have a requirement for a resilient wide area network interconnecting a number of sites, we can help.

We have extensive hands-on experience of many current networking technologies, enabling us to choose the best technology for your specific needs. Our competencies include:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 networking, which underlie the whole internet.
  • The BGP dynamic routing protocol, which provides robust routing throughout the internet's infrastructure.
  • 802.1d spanning tree protocol, which allows redundant LAN infrastructure to provide high availability networks.
  • 802.1q VLAN trunking, which allows low cost segregation of network traffic.
  • VPNs, allowing secure teleworking and low cost inter-site wide area networks.
  • Traffic shaping, which allows limited bandwidth connections to be shared between services that have very different specific quality of service requirements.
  • Voice over IP, providing telephony services over existing network infrastructure, both within the office and between satellite offices and teleworkers.