Opendium Web Gateway

The Opendium Web Gateway is an appliance filter designed to provide filtering services for anywhere from 50 to 50,000 users. Based on our state-of-the-art dynamic deep inspection technology the Opendium Web Gateway provides everything you need to comply with UK government guidelines such as "Prevent" and "Keeping Children Safe in Education".

Opendium Unified Threat Management

Our flagship product is the Opendium UTM. This product contains all the features of our Web Gateway together with our sector-leading firewall system. The UTM firewall is not only able to protect your organisation from external threats, but is also able to apply firewall rules to networks, subnets, single IP addresses and individual users and groups. Utilising deep packet inspection technology coupled with our own dynamic identification technologies the Opendium UTM is the ultimate solution for protecting your school and its users

Network consultancy

Over the last decade we have noticed that the demands on school networks has increased exponetially. With the arrival of BYOD and "Visitor" networks, it has never been more important to configure your network in a secure way. With decades of experience designing and configuring networks for schools you can rely on us to provide the right advice when it comes to upgrading or redesigning your network infrastructure.