About Opendium

Opendium was established in 2005 and specialises in the UK education sector, providing internet filtering and monitoring systems, firewalls and networking consultancy.

Opendium's directors starting working in the Internet filtering industry when schools were still using dial up modems. It was clear even then that the Internet would become one of the most important educational tools. It was also evident that the systems required to keep children safe in this new universe would have to be able to grow with one of the most rapidly changing systems on the planet.

From the very beginning Opendium has pioneered real-time content analysis, believing this to be the best way to rapidly adjust to an ever changing landscape. This decision is now paying dividends as the UK Government guidelines now demand more than the traditional URL lists and simple filters.

As well as choosing the right design for their products, Opendium set out from the very beginning to provide superlative technical support, understanding that in a school you don't have time to sit down and puzzle out why a certain application won't work through the filter. Our engineers are all highly qualified, and you can guarantee to be talking to someone who not only understands the product, but also the educational environment and the demands that environment places on getting things fixed in the shortest possible time.