Replacing Bloxx?

If you're using a Bloxx internet filter or you're a Bloxx supplier, you'll know that on November 2nd Bloxx announced that they had been acquired by the US based content distribution company Akamai, and were withdrawing from the education sector. Whilst Bloxx will be honoring existing contracts, they have curtailed renewals and new sales have been stopped with immediate effect.

This sudden announcement has created a lot of uncertainty and worry amoungst schools, many of whom will now need to move quickly to identify a replacement solution. As an established supplier of online safety systems to the education sector, we are committed to helping the schools who have been put in this difficult position.

Our Iceni online safety systems provide a similar feature set to that offered by Bloxx, such as:

  • Real-time content categorisation offers zero second protection
  • Active HTTPS/SSL interception allows full categorisation, filtering and audit logging of encrypted traffic
  • Passive HTTPS/SSL inspection provides filtering and audit logging for guest devices, requiring no reconfiguration of the device
  • Anonymous proxy blocking prevents users from bypassing the filters
  • Mobile device and BYOD support provides the same level of filtering and auditing to devices such as phones and tablets as fixed workstations receive
  • Filtering of social media protects against abuse
  • Safe search integration with all of the major search engines
  • Flexible reporting gives insights into risky behaviour, which can be fed back into the school's curriculum or followed up with the user in person
  • Local phone or email support offers direct access to our highly experienced technical support team

In many cases we can keep costs down by reusing the existing Bloxx hardware.

We are offering schools who are currently running Bloxx filters two options:

  1. Schools who would like to replace their Bloxx systems immediately can purchase an Iceni online safety system with our standard support contract, expiring at least 2 years after their Bloxx renewal date. The overlapping period between the start of the Iceni contract and the end of the Bloxx contract will be free*, up to a maximum of 2 years.
  2. If the school would prefer to continue using Bloxx systems until the end of their existing contract, they can purchase an Iceni online safety system with a 1, 2 or 3 year contract to start on the Bloxx expiry date and we will fix the price to their current annual fee for the duration of that contract.

* The total cost over the Iceni contract period will be reduced by the prorated amount and invoiced in equal annual installments.

As this year is our 10th anniversary, we are celebrating by offering customers free Advanced Support. This offer is open to all new customers, and those taking up the above offers can still take advantage of this offer.

You can book a demo or download the Iceni online safety brochure here.

We are working with a number of former Bloxx partners to transition schools onto Iceni online safety systems as smoothly as possible. If your school is using Bloxx filters, or if you are a Bloxx supplier who is interested in becoming an Opendium partner, please contact us by email at or by telephone on 01792 824568. We can arrange a product demonstration on request.