YouTube Restricted Mode

Two days ago, Google announced a new Google Apps feature to allow administrators to control what YouTube content is accessible to their users. This is a replacement for the old YouTube for Schools service, which Google withdrew to new signups over a year ago.

We are rolling out support for the new system to all our customers over night, and it can be enabled under the Web Proxy -> Safe Search settings of your Iceni system from tomorrow by ticking the "Enforce YouTube Restricted Mode" option on the appropriate groups. This replaces the "Enforce YouTube Safety Mode" option and any users which had Safety Mode enforced will be automatically moved to the new Restricted Mode system.

Users with "Enforce YouTube Restricted Mode" turned on will have restricted access to YouTube content unless they are logged in with a Google Apps account. Users who are logged into YouTube with a Google Apps account will have their access to YouTube content controlled by that account's settings - you can approve extra content through the the Google Apps Admin dashboard.

For more information, please read through the Google Apps Administrator Help guide:

You may also find the whitelisting how-to useful - our Iceni systems allow you to whitelist all Youtube videos that are embedded in a specific third party website without whitelisting the whole of Youtube.