About us

Having worked in the education sector for many years we recognise that schools and colleges not only need top quality software that will fulfil their needs, but that it must be backed up by excellent technical support. To this end Opendium was formed, and has been serving this sector since 2005 with offices in South West England and South Wales. We pride ourselves on working hard to understand your needs, on having the know-how to meet the most complex technical challenges, and on being able to get to the heart of any issue quickly, avoiding unnecessary downtime.


“Being a boarding school it is imperative that our children are protected 24 hours a day. Our Iceni server monitors and reports on each individual user’s activity, alerting us to any possible issues and providing the tools we need to make sure our students are safe both in and out of the normal school day.”

- Dave Hill, IT Systems Manager
Sexey’s School, Bruton, Somerset

“Opendium have been supporting us and our network operations for many years. Their technical knowledge and skills are of the highest level and the consistent quality of their advice is completely reassuring. We know we are in safe hands when their support team are on the case.”

- John Willetts, Head of ICT Services
Sherborne School, Sherborne, Dorset

“One of Opendium's strongest assets is their availability to help. You can pick up the phone, talk to them and get a resolution and an answer in the same phone call.”

- Joe Fairbairn, Network Manager
Chatsmore Catholic High School, Goring, West Sussex