Email and Filtering

The Iceni systems from Opendium are designed to give you complete control of your internet connection. Not only do they provide extensive filtering and reporting of your network's web access, but the optional email plug-in includes comprehensive email filtering, virus and spam control, and also services such as calendaring and email.

The Iceni server makes managing your security easier than ever with a hierarchical configuration tree enabling you to specifiy global settings and filtering rules and then refining your controls on a per-group basis. Integration with Active Directory, Novell NDS and OpenLdap systems means that the management overhead is minimal and the reporting will make sure you are up to date with everything that is happening on the network.

Iceni mail server delivers...

• Anti-virus and anti-spam

Iceni includes a comprehensive anti-spam system, utilising multiple technologies to ensure that as much junk mail as possible is removed from your system with the minimum of false positives. Combined with the built in anti- virus system, this provides an excellent defence for your network, either stand alone or integrated with your existing mail server.

As well as Iceni's standard anti-virus, an additional line of defense can be added through the award winning ESET Mail Security system.

• Mail content filtering

With so much inappropriate content being sent by email, it is important to be able to control and block emails which would cause offence or upset. The Iceni mail filter uses deep inspection technology to analyse each component of an email, including any attachments, to help prevent malware, inappropriate content and bullying.

• Integrated web applications

The Iceni email plug-in comes with all of the functionality you would expect from any email system, including a web mail interface, address book and calendaring.

• IPv6 ready

There is increasing pressure to roll out IPv6 support onto networks well within the life time of any systems being purchased today. Iceni has mature support for IPv6, giving you one less thing to worry about.

• World class customer support

When the chips are down you need the best technical support that you can get. The Opendium team is highly experienced in network and Internet troubleshooting and gets to the bottom of a problem fast. Our engineers excel at explaining their diagnoses and solutions and can even liaise with other suppliers on your behalf.

Following the success of our 10th anniversary offer, we are currently offering free advanced support for the first six months to all new customers, making your transition to Iceni as smooth as possible.

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