Web Filtering

Real-time filtering for today's Internet

The Internet is made up of an ever-increasing number of dynamic websites. Filtering systems must be able to react instantly to new threats and provide you with the information you require in order to keep your network secure.

The Iceni systems from Opendium are designed to give you complete control of your internet connection providing advanced filtering and firewalling of all network traffic. Iceni makes managing your security easier than ever with a hierarchical configuration tree enabling you to specify global filtering rules and then refining your controls on a per-group basis. Integration with Active Directory, Novell NDS and OpenLdap systems means that the management overhead is minimal and the reporting will make sure you are up to date with everything that is happening on the network.

Time-based controls

Our “Time periods” system allows you to define any number of different time periods which can be used to alter the way the control systems work. You can for example set up a time period for lunchtime which allows social networking, and another period two hours every week on a wednesday afternoon to allow the art class more relaxed filtering enabling them to explore life-drawing. The Iceni systems allows ultimate flexibility.

Your network, under your control

The Iceni web filter utilises a powerful web site categorisation engine which analyses even encrypted HTTPS content in real time, and comes with predefined categories which receive regular automatic updates. You can modify categories and alter the filtering from anywhere in the school, allowing you to instantly respond to any issue that might arise which is essential for the smooth running of your lessons and the safety of your users.

Safe Search integration

Iceni’s web filter also integrates with the Safe Search feature offered by all of the major web search engines for both http and https searches.

Extensive auditing and reporting capabilities

Iceni’s reporting system offers live statistics of recent network traffic, including filtered users and web searches. The Iceni will produce regular automated reports which instantly give you an overview of your network. You can analyse any aspect of the system, drilling down to the finest detail, including the ability to review thumbnails of the images they have been browsing. Iceni gives you ultimate control allowing you to understand exactly how your Internet connection is being used, down to the smallest detail.

Iceni web filter delivers...

• Caching and Quotas

It is important to optimise, manage and understand your users’ web traffic. In addition to the auditing capabilities, Iceni includes quota management and a web cache to effectively reduce your network’s Internet bandwidth requirements.

• Multi-platform and BYOD support

With built-in ‘bring your own device’ support, you can be sure that the Iceni filtering and auditing functions protect your users whatever device they are using, whether the device belongs to the school or is something they have brought from home.

• Anti-virus and anti-spam

The optional email plug-in includes a comprehensive anti-spam system, utilising multiple technologies to ensure that as much junk mail as possible is removed from your system with the minimum of false positives. Combined with the built in anti- virus system, this provides an excellent defence for your network, either stand alone or integrated with your existing mail server.

• IPv6 ready

There is increasing pressure to roll out IPv6 support onto networks well within the life time of any systems being purchased today. Iceni has mature support for IPv6, giving you one less thing to worry about.

• World class customer support

When the chips are down you need the best technical support that you can get. The Opendium team is highly experienced in network and Internet troubleshooting and gets to the bottom of a problem fast. Our engineers excel at explaining their diagnoses and solutions and can even liaise with other suppliers on your behalf.

Following the success of our 10th anniversary offer, we are currently offering free advanced support for the first six months to all new customers, making your transition to Iceni as smooth as possible.

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