Embedded Vimeo Videos

Override dialog box
Back in 2014 we added the unique ability to automatically whitelist YouTube videos that are embedded in educational websites, without unblocking the whole of YouTube. With an increasing number of educational resources now hosting content on Vimeo, we've added support for doing the same with embedded Vimeo videos.

Testing Internet Speeds

Fibre optics

Recently, a few of our customers have upgraded their internet connections. Wanting to test the shiny new connections and demonstrate that they were money well spent, they went to speedtest.net and were disappointed to discover that the reported speeds were unexpectedly low when the traffic was routed through their Opendium Iceni web filter. We ended up fielding a few support calls relating to this, and after some investigation discovered that the low speeds being reported were largely due to flaws in the speedtest.net application.

RADIUS Improvements

For effective safeguarding, it is not enough to just filter the internet. Identifying which user is responsible for each web request is extremely important, as this allows for filtering to be tuned to the individual users, and for reports to be used effectively to address abuses and concerns with the individuals involved..

HTTPS Decryption


What is it, why is it important and how does it work?

HTTPS decryption encompasses several mechanisms that online safety systems or web filters use to examine encrypted internet communications. The terms "SSL decryption" and "TLS decryption" are sometimes also used interchangeably.

Safeguarding students is incredibly important for schools. Online safety systems such as web filters are a key part of any safeguarding strategy. These systems block inappropriate material, record an audit trail and report on any concerning behaviour.

Replacing Bloxx?

If you're using a Bloxx internet filter or you're a Bloxx supplier, you'll know that on November 2nd Bloxx announced that they had been acquired by the US based content distribution company Akamai, and were withdrawing from the education sector. Whilst Bloxx will be honoring existing contracts, they have curtailed renewals and new sales have been stopped with immediate effect.

Uncertainty for schools after sale of web security firm

Bloxx logo

On November 2nd, Scottish internet and e-mail security firm Bloxx announced that they had been acquired by US based content delivery company Akamai. The company says that they will be honouring the ongoing contracts with their customers. But according to CEO Charles Sweeney "the current Bloxx product set will no longer be available for sale or refresh" and renewals will only be offered until the end of January.

In Testing: Passive HTTPS Inspection


Over the past few years, HTTPS interception has become extremely important. Without it, online safety systems are extremely limited in their ability to filter and record auditing data regarding secure websites. The way this works is relatively straight forward: the client asks the Iceni proxy to connect to a secure web site, Iceni negotiates a secure connection with the web server, copies the web server's certificate and uses it to negotiate the secure connection with the client.