In Testing: Passive HTTPS Inspection


Over the past few years, HTTPS interception has become extremely important. Without it, online safety systems are extremely limited in their ability to filter and record auditing data regarding secure websites. The way this works is relatively straight forward: the client asks the Iceni proxy to connect to a secure web site, Iceni negotiates a secure connection with the web server, copies the web server's certificate and uses it to negotiate the secure connection with the client.

America Runs out of Internet Addresses

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Today, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) ran out of spare IP addresses. This is almost exactly three years after the European registry (RIPE NCC) and leaves Africa as the only region still able to freely supply addresses. From today, apart from a few exceptional cases, ISPs, data centres, etc. will be unable to get any new IPv4 addresses. What will this mean for ICT managers of British schools?

In Testing: Fine grained controls

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Over the years, the Iceni's hierarchical grouping system has proved itself to be extremely flexible and easy to understand. You can read more about the group configuration system in the knowledgebase article. However, it has always been limited in how fine-grained the configuration can be - since the configuration is applied to whole groups, adjusting the configuration for a single user required a group to be created just for that user.